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   Once esoteric term, quietly ehealth - along with e-commerce became one of the very few survivors from the era when the "e-" was appended to most of the business terms. As of January 2009, there are more than 48,000 full-featured Japanese language sites and individual pages dedicated to e-health.

   While the term is recognizable, the definitions of "ehealth" vary widely: from classical understanding of telemedicine to the application of IT for hospital management to e-detailing and use of Internet technologies for drug development.

   E-health Japan is a research-oriented web site dedicated to application of advanced analytical, management and statistical methodologies for evaluation, benchmarking, forecasting and advising on the potential of ehealth in Japan. Information, customized consulting and reports offered here are aimed to support customers in capitalizing on the opportunities of healthcare and life sciences in Japan.



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